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Managing cooking oil is one of the most dreaded tasks in any restaurant. It's dangerous. It's messy. It's labor-intensive. It can even be costly if someone gets hurt in the process. That's why you need Total Oil Management instead of traditional cooking oil recycling.

Managing cooking oil is one of the most dreaded tasks in any restaurant. It's dangerous. It's messy. It's labor-intensive. It can even be costly if someone gets hurt in the process. That's why you need Total Oil Management instead of traditional cooking oil recycling.

At Restaurant Technologies in Denver, we handle the entire oil process for you—from ordering and receipt processing all the way to storing, handling and recycling of used oil. Our advanced kitchen technology even automates everything so your employees never have to worry about transporting hot oil ever again. We support customers all across the Denver area.

Don't waste another minute. Get started today and stop worrying about fryer oil so you and your staff can get back to what really matters: delivering the food and dining experience your customers crave.

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There’s no upfront capital cost and no unexpected service charges – we stand behind our system and we include everything. Without having to worry about your fryer oil you and your staff can get back to what matters: delivering the food and dining experience your customers crave.

It really comes down to a full automation process. By taking the employee out of the process we are removing the risks of handling hot oil, lifting heavy JIBs (Jugs in Box) of oil, and automating the process of oil removal; you are taking out the common risk factors that affect kitchen staff and kitchen safety. 60% of Workers' Compensation claims in kitchens are related to oil - whether burns or slips and falls.

T.O.M. (Total Oil Management) is a intelligent remote oil management system, which is our system installed in your kitchens plus the customer portal that gives you the power to know what is going on in your kitchen. All our systems are connected up to the cloud via wireless connectors. In the customer portal you can view when oil is being dumped, track oil usage, view an executive overview into managing oil consumption and understanding your kitchen from all angles.

Yes. To ensure our equipment meets all food safety standards, it is certified by NSF to ANSI/NSF Standard 4. To ensure that it meets all other safety requirements, the various components of the system (pumps, tanks, etc.) are certified to the appropriate UL standard for their function.

The oil we deliver is supplied by the leading companies in food oil production, names with which you will be very familiar. It is often the exact same oil that is sold in JIBs (Jugs in Boxes). In order to maintain compliance to the national standards of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), all RTI depots are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In addition, to ensure for our customers that all the oil we deliver is safe and of high quality, all RTI depots are audited annually by a certified third-party food safety auditor to ensure that they comply with our rigorous HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) program. We serve many of the largest and most prominent corporate global food service operators in the nation and it is the rigor of our Quality & Food Safety program that allows us to meet the demanding requirements of those organizations.

Our tanks are 28” in diameter. There are two of them. They do not need to be next to the fryer or even next to each other. Typically we are able to find space in even the smallest restaurants – especially as space is freed up from storing 5-10 JIBs of oil in the back room. Where space is really at a premium we have been very inventive, using basements and other locations. If there is still no space we have an outdoor solution. Over 90% of our systems have been installed in existing buildings and have found space.

Our Restaurant Technologies installation team will provide a quick overview of the system components when installed and then a professional trainer will follow-up with a full training for your staff. All our training is done by our own expert staff.  And if you ever need additional training, due to customer turnover or new equipment, our team is available to retrain to ensure your staff is maximizing the value of the Restaurant Technologies system.

Our tanks are connected to the cloud and keep us informed of how much oil is left and how much waste oil has accumulated at all times. Typically when you are down to 3-5 days of inventory we will deliver new oil and pick up the used oil. For an average restaurant deliveries should be every 4-5 weeks, though from time to time our trucks will also make partial deliveries and pickups when in your area.

Our tanks are connected to the internet and keep us informed of how much oil is left and how much waste oil has accumulated at all times. Typically when you are down to 3-5 days of inventory we will deliver new oil and pick up the used oil.

Regardless of how much frying oil you use, the safety benefits of not having to handle hot oil or carry jugs of fresh oil are so significant that many of our customers who use less than 5 jugs of oil a week have still seen the value of the system and installed.

With the portable solution we can handle any distance from tanks to fryers – and to multiple fryers at that. With the plumbed-in solution we typically like to be less than 150 feet apart.

Our process is simple and will require minimal involvement from you and your team. Once you have signed up for the Restaurant Technologies system, you will be introduced to your local account manager who will coordinate a site survey of your location(s) to develop a customized equipment plan to meet your needs. Depending on the different variable of each custom install (location, equipment onsite, system requirements) an install date will be scheduled. Generally all you need to do is ensure the right kind of electrical outlet is available near the tank location.

Typically the process from signature to installation takes less than a month. Our installations typically take 6-8 hours and do not impact the day to day operations of your location(s).  Post install training will be scheduled with our account manager/trainer within 24 hours of the installation to ensure that your team is immediately maximizing the value of your investment in the Restaurant Technologies system.

We have the ability to carry your specific proprietary oil, given sufficient volume, like we do for our largest national partners (McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC and others). Otherwise we have either premium soy or canola high durability industry standard choices available. Let’s discuss which option is best for you in terms of bringing not only oil, but managed oil care into the equation

None of our oils contain trans fats.

This depends on a few variables - What are you frying in your fryers? Is it heavily breaded or does it crumble easily?  How much food (volume) are you frying?  What size are your fryers?  For a typical restaurant that is frying a mixture of proteins and starches and has standard 50lb fryers, we would recommend filtering once a day for 5 minutes per vat.  However, if you have smaller fryers or are frying large volumes or heavily breaded items, filtering more frequently during the day may help remove the extra debris from the oil ensuring that you are always serving your customers the best fried food product.

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Going green is very important. Like Restaurant Technologies, being green falls within our four ‘screens’ – environmental, sustainable, functional and financial.
John De Carrier
Owner/Operator, McDonald's
We started with Restaurant Technologies last May, and it has really been a great experience for us. Everyone in our company loves it.
Kevin Schlutz
President Central Iowa KFC Inc.
The proof was in the data – the statistics from TOM made us create good habits. And now that we’ve created them, the entirety of managing frying oil – from buying and storing to filtering and cleaning – is very easy to manage.
Haley Bitterman
Corporate Executive Chef, Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group
“I made a decision to partner with Restaurant Technologies for several key reasons including Safety, Cleanliness and Simplification. This program has been very helpful to our team and has made the life of our restaurant general managers much easier. Retaining quality people is key for us and this program makes the employees happy. We have seen at least a 20 minute reduction in time spent handling oil by replacing a very manual process with an automated system. This allows us to reallocate resources to more customer facing tasks. This has been a great benefit to the Kedis team”
Clinton Lewis
Senior VP Operations- Kedis Enterprises – AKFCF Northeast Regional President

Chef / Bar Louie
We’re saving time because we don’t have to drag shuttles around. But cleanliness has also improved; our floors stay cleaner and safer, the back dock is cleaner without the grease bin, and the equipment itself is cleaner.
Jeff Lingel
Area Manager, Apple American Group

Denver Restaurant Cooking Oil Delivery, Filtration, Removal, & Recycling

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