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Say goodbye to restaurant hood cleaning hassles

Be done with dangerous buildup

With your kitchen operating at full force, grease is certain to build up in your hoods and flues. It’s just an unavoidable byproduct of cooking.

But keeping your kitchen clean is essential to reduce the risk of fire. Safe and efficient operation requires that grease buildup gets completely and regularly removed. In the past that’s been an expensive, time-consuming proposition. Now, there’s a way to make it effortlessly automatic.

Life’s easy with the automated hood and flue cleaning AutoMist system

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Never worry about airborne grease again

With traditional baffle filters, up to 75% of airborne grease passes right through to settle in the hood and flue. That’s no problem for the AutoMist system.

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Eliminate the need for hood cleanings

The AutoMist system automatically sprays a mixture of non-hazardous detergent and water every day, removing grease that’s present and preventing future buildup.

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Help decrease fire risk

AutoMist was designed with fire prevention in mind. When grease is not allowed to accumulate in the first place, the potential for an ignition in the hood and flue is drastically reduced.

The importance of hood cleaning

It can be easy to let the burdensome chore of hood cleaning slip off your task list. Shutting down overnight and having a mess to clean up in the morning is as disruptive as it is unpleasant. But commercial kitchens have never been able to give up the task entirely. The fire hazards and equipment degradation posed by grease buildup were too great.

Until now.

With the AutoMist system automatically cleaning your hoods and flues on a daily basis, you can finally say goodbye to the conventional hood cleaning grind.

How AutoMist system works

The majority of cooking grease that enters the air passes straight through a conventional baffle filter. That grease gets stuck to the interior of your hood and flue. If left unchecked, that grease can build up to the point of a serious fire hazard, providing ample fuel for a single errant spark to ignite.

The AutoMist system fixes this problem by not allowing grease buildup to form in the first place. Once installed, you control the system through a wall-mounted control box that contains the pump, detergent mixture and a timing mechanism.

At an interval determined by the volume and type of cooking taking place, the pump engages and sprays the detergent mixture throughout the system. The spray apparatus is installed within the hood itself, behind the filters and up into the flue, ensuring complete coverage.

The mixture breaks down any grease present, and the resulting fluid flows down through the hood and into a discharge collection container or a floor drain plumbed to a grease trap.

Want to check hood cleaning off your to-do list ... forever?

Combine the AutoMist system with Grease Lock to further prevent grease buildup from ever causing you problems, even if you’re a heavy volume operation.

Fire safety failure can have expensive consequences

Nearly 6,000 restaurant fires are recorded annually by the U.S. Fire Administration. Cooking equipment, such as grills and fryers, account for 61% of those, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

While the cost of a fire can vary significantly, the average monetary loss is more than $23,000. Annually, restaurants lose more than $165 million to fire-related property damage.

Doing everything you can to prevent grease buildup and fire risk isn’t just about safety. It’s about protecting your investment and peace of mind.


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The AutoMist system minimizes fire risk in your restaurant every day by keeping the hood, flue, and fan area clean. With daily cleanings, grease is no longer accumulating over time. This keeps your restaurant–and everyone in it–safe.