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Jack In The Box

TJ Ahmed is the owner of Spring Valley Jack, LLC, a multi-brand franchisee company currently. Operating five Jack in the
Apple American Group Apple_American_Group_Case_Study_Restaurant_Technologies

Apple American Group

Apple American Group Makes Fried Foods Tastier, Employees Safer Restaurant oil management isn’t something the average co
Buffalo Wings & Rings Buffalo_Wings_and_Rings_Case_Study_Restaurant_Technologies

Buffalo Wings & Rings

There are so many moving parts in a restaurant business that you have to worry about, but our oil management system isn’
Bar Louie Bar_Louie_Case_Study_Cooking_Oil-Management_Restaurant_Technologies

Bar Louie

Bar Louie calls itself an “eclectic urban bar.” With more than 70 locations, it’s broken the mold of traditional chains
Denny’s Dennys_Cooking_Oil_Case_Study


From golden-fried shrimp to crispy chicken fingers, fried food is here to stay. Deep-fried cuisines are a staple for the
Kwik Trip Quick_Trip_Restaurant_Technologies_Case_Study-Total_Oil_Management

Kwik Trip

When you serve your customers 24/7, like many convenience stores/gas stations, it’s increasingly important to offer high