Grease Lock - Commercial Hood Filters

Control grease buildup with innovative and efficient filters.

Not All Commercial Hood Filters Are Created Equal

Your hood filters aren’t holding up their end of the deal. It’s not their fault, they’re just not built to absorb grease. Grease Lock is.

Grease Lock - Commercial Hood Filters Capture More Grease - Restaurant Technologies

Grease Happens.
Grease Lock Blocks It.

Grease is an inevitable part of kitchen life. You’ve been dealing with it the same way for years — with metal hood filters that need to be soaked and scrubbed nightly and regular visits from third-party hood cleaners.

But traditional hood filters are built to block flames, not grease. Scrubbing filters isn’t the best use of an employee’s time. And shutting the kitchen down for third-party hood cleaners is dirty and disruptive. There’s a better way.

Grease Lock commercial hood filters are engineered to absorb and block up to 98% of airborne grease — keeping your hoods and flues cleaner, longer.

Grease Lock at a Glance

Grease happens. Grease Lock blocks it.

Grease Lock - Captures up to 98% Grease - Commercial Hood Filters Capture More Grease - Restaurant Technologies

Where there’s no grease, there’s no fire

Nearly 6,000 restaurant fires are recorded annually in the U.S. with a loss of more than $165 million in fire-related property damage. Grease Lock fire-resistant hood filters reduce the amount of grease that gets into your exhaust system, protecting your investment from fire.

You might miss your third-party hood cleaner

But probably not. With Grease Lock airborne grease filtration, your employees spend less time cleaning and — with up to 75% fewer hood cleanings — you spend less time dealing with third-party hood cleaners.

Simply toss it

Grease Lock disposable filter pad is disposable and compostable. With a built-in filter pad life indicator, knowing when to change the filter has never been easier. Simply toss the used filter pad into the garbage or compost bin when it’s used up.

Tested and Approved

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NFPA approved logo
International Code Council logo - ICC
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Food Equipment Sanitation Requirement


Food Equipment Materials Toxicology


Listed under File # 3177581SAT-001

NYC Certificate of Acceptance

Permits use of Grease Lock disposable filters in the 5 boroughs of New York City


Standard for Grease Filters for Commercial and Institutional Kitchen Exhaust Systems (Canada)


Standard for Grease Filters for Exhaust Ducts

Grease Lock - Commercial Hood Filters Capture More Grease - Restaurant Technologies

What's Included:

  • Metal filters retrofitted for your hood
  • Disposable, compostable filter pads with built-in filter pad life indicator
  • Optional mounting tool for improved safety


Grease in a kitchen is inevitable, but there are ways to reduce buildup.

Read the Grease Lock terms and conditions here.

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