Total Oil Management

Never struggle with cooking oil again. Restaurant Technologies Total Oil Management system takes care of everything automatically. From delivery of fresh oil to recycling of used cooking oil, to when it’s used up and every step in between, Total Oil Management does it all.

The toil of oil and grease

Managing cooking oil and grease disposal is one of the most dreaded tasks in any restaurant. It's dangerous. It's messy. It's labor-intensive. And it's a major contributor to slip-and-fall accidents in commercial kitchens.

Total Oil Management is the all-in-one solution for fresh cooking oil delivery, grease removal and recycling. Do it all with just the push of a button.

Total Oil Management at a glance


Automate and eliminate the dirty work

Fresh oil delivery, storage, handling and used oil recycling are all automated by Restaurant Technologies and the Total Oil Management system. You and your staff get to keep your hands clean and focus on customer satisfaction.

Improve safety

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), nearly 75% of workers' comp claims in restaurants are related to slip-and-falls, overexertion and exposure to harmful substances like hot oil. Total Oil Management can reduce a kitchen's risk for each of these categories.

Improve employee satisfaction

Also according to the BLS, food services have a nearly 80% employee turnover rate year after year. Automating difficult and dirty work like oil management can help raise employee satisfaction and improve retention.

Reduce your carbon footprint. Recycle cooking oil.

With Total Oil Management, Restaurant Technologies handles the entire oil management process for you — from ordering and receipt processing to delivering fresh cooking oil, all the way to storing, handling and recycling of used cooking oil.

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Recycling oil for biofuels

Used cooking oil, also called yellow grease, is an invaluable resource to produce biofuels. Biofuels are more sustainable and eco-friendly, with low carbon content and no carbon monoxide byproduct. Check out our Oil Management 101 resource to learn more!

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Worth protecting

Part of Total Oil Management solutions is the protection of your resources. Thieves have been increasingly targeting used cooking oil, profiting unjustly. With our secure system, that won’t happen to you.

How Total Oil Management solutions work

When you sign up for Total Oil Management solutions, we start by installing two tanks — one for bulk fresh cooking oil and one for waste oil — in your back-of-house. The tanks are connected to your fryers and a port installed in an exterior wall.

We then install automatic controls inside your fryers so employees can easily add, filter and dispose of oil at the push of a button. We offer system configurations for all fryer types — even those without built-in filtration.

Our service trucks deliver fresh cooking oil and remove restaurant grease via a lockable outdoor fill box. All grease picked up by our trucks is recycled. The entire process is done according to your schedule and cooking oil usage, which can be remotely and automatically monitored.


Zero upfront costs

It might sound too good to be true, but believe us: There are zero upfront capital costs to install our Total Oil Management solutions. And we guarantee you’ll never be hit with unexpected service charges on the equipment.

We stand behind our services. And we create systems you can rely on, day in and day out.

Want to learn what Total Oil Management could do for your business?

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Oil Management from anywhere

Our Total Oil Management solutions include cutting-edge automatic and remote monitoring capabilities. They provide managers with access to key metrics and real-time data through an easy-to-use dashboard.

Whether you have a single location or 100, the platform provides easy visibility into each location's performance and compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs).

In addition, our Oil Activity subscription option tracks daily oil usage and sends email notifications when a location exceeds its threshold or isn’t filtering for the pre-determined duration. Managers can easily track if staff are using too much oil (ultimately wasting money) or using too little oil (sacrificing on food quality).

Metrics you can access anytime, anywhere include:

  • Daily oil usage
  • Oil filtering times and durations
  • Current oil levels
  • Past trends of oil usage
  • Past dates for delivery and disposal of cooking oil

Data can be filtered via a variety of analytical views and downloadable reports. The bottom line? This visibility makes it easy to improve staff training, correct employee behavior, forecast future oil usage and identify areas to improve efficiency.