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Bulk Cooking Oil Recycling

Commercial Bulk Cooking Oil Delivery and Recycling - Restaurant Technologies

Good for Business, Good for the Environment. 

The better way to get rid of used cooking oil 

Fresh cooking oil makes the world go around. But used cooking oil? Not so much. It’s a pain to  dispose of (literally) and traditional used cooking oil rendering tanks are a stinky, unsightly  mess. If you’re like every other restaurant operator or kitchen manager, you’ve probably  wondered, “Is there a better way to get rid of all of this used cooking oil?” 

Bulk Cooking Oil Recycling is the Answer

Bulk cooking oil recycling transforms your used cooking oil into something beneficial. When you  use our end-to-end cooking oil management solution, we recycle your used cooking oil into  biofuel, a more sustainable, eco-friendly fuel that is already playing a part in powering  airplanes, shipping goods cross-country, and heating homes, while also reducing their environmental impact. As it turns out, your used cooking oil does make the world go around.

Estimated Annual Sustainability Impact

Use the sliders below to learn how much environmental impact you can make with Restaurant Technologies Total Oil Management.

Cooking Oil Use
8,000 cubic ft.
Landfill space savings
Total single-use plastic jugs saved
20,000 lbs.
Waste oil recycled
20,000 lbs.
Total GHG CO2e reduction
$12,000 lbs.
Trash savings
Emission equivalent to # of cars

Save on Your Insurance Premiums.

Get end-to-end cooking oil management & clean hood solutions to help you create a safer, more successful business.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling Made Easy

Our end-to-end cooking oil management system takes care of your used cooking oil recycling  for you. Our cloud-connected systems let us know if your tank is getting full, and we show up  automatically to take your used cooking oil away for recycling.  

A Sustainable Solution

Sustainability might not be top of mind for every restaurant or foodservice operation. It doesn’t  have to be. It’s built into the Total Oil Management solution — not only do you get always on  bulk fresh cooking oil delivery, filtration, and monitoring, you also meet your sustainability  goals and build your business’s reputation with bulk cooking oil recycling.

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