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Recharge & Replenish: Using COVID-19 Downtime To Your Advantage

Typically, our calendars are filled with personal and professional events and endeavors from the moment you open up your eyes in the morning. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of that. Whether you’re working from home or currently furloughed, we know it can be tough. Luckily, we’re nearly all in the same boat and can look to each other for help and hope. Instead of worrying about what we’re missing, here are some tips to help you recharge and come back stronger than ever once this health crisis is behind us. 


Exercise Your Passion

We all have passions outside of our daily jobs. Our CFO, Bob Weil, is an avid bicyclist. He’s still commuting to work most days, just leaving and returning to the same place for work. Whether it’s drawing, writing, practicing yoga, planting a garden, or sports, there are countless activities to dive into. If you’re missing the thrill of that opening pitch and the crack of a bat this spring, can you create a fantasy baseball team based on a past season? If you miss your friends, start a virtual book club and meet virtually every few weeks to discuss the title. You can catch online workout classes from practically every major fitness brand and luckily, if you’ve always wanted to nurture your green thumb, a backyard or rooftop deck is the perfect place for social distancing.


Spend (Virtual) Time with Loved Ones

With mandatory lockdowns in certain U.S. cities and ever-increasing restrictions, it’s now more important than ever to reach out and speak to loved ones every day. Check in to see how everyone is doing. Reach out to that old friend, even if you haven’t spoken in awhile. Everyone will be thankful for your communication. And if you want to just blow off some steam, grab a beer and do a Google Hangout or Zoom. The “Brady Bunch view” helps you see everyone at once and you can even play a board game or Pictionary with a little imagination and technical know-how.


Enjoy the Outdoors

If you work in a restaurant setting, you’ve likely been spending the majority of your day inside. Now, you can reap the benefits of the outdoors such as vitamin D, scenic nature, and a boost in happiness! You’ll be surprised by how nature instantly improves your mood. And yes, you may even invite a friend or two for a jog as long as you stay the required 6’ apart.


Channel Your Inner Chef 

Chances are, you’ve been making quick meals on the fly. Take this time to make dishes that are a little more involved. You might want to bake some bread, make some homemade pasta, perfect a new soup recipe. The content and inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest can be endless, so you’re bound to find exactly what you want.


Create a New Playlist

Music is medicine and will inspire you to move your body and expel some energy. Feeling stressed? Belt out some tunes with Aretha or jump around with The White Stripes. If you’re ready to feel inspired by something new, we highly recommend trying Spotify or Amazon Music playlists that are created just for you based on your previous streams. It’s a great way to find new and upcoming artists or discover a new genre all together!


How will you be using the downtime to your advantage? If you have a task you’ve been putting off or have been wanting to take some time to yourself to recharge, please do so! We’d love to hear about what you’re taking on, so tag us on Instagram! Our handle is @rt.careers.

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