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bronzecolordfa-allied-partner_4cAs the largest full-service family restaurant chain in the United States, Denny's knows a thing or two about delivering value directly to the customers. As an allied partner Restaurant Technologies delivers the same commitment and dedication to you. With results driven Total Oil Management solutions we help your mission to increase efficiency, reduce waste, engage and foster member driven expectations. While providing a safer, smarter kitchen for your staff while they embark in their pursuit of excellence within the Denny's organization. Together we can make "The Denny's Difference."

Food quality is key to delivering the Denny's Difference and great fried food is a key part of any craveable menu. Restaurant Technologies Total Oil Management systems with Fryer Filtration Monitoring ensure that your kitchen staff are actually doing what you ask them to do, even when you are not there to supervise them. As a result more food is cooked in oil that is in the “sweet spot” for frying resulting in crisp, golden and delicious chicken, fish, appetizers and, of course, french fries.

At the same time more and more pressure on labor costs, reducing complexity in the back of house is critical to supporting a great guest experience and an efficient operation. Over 60% of a restaurant’s labor costs are in the back of house. Restaurant Technologies takes away the least popular job in the kitchen to reduce risk and safety costs, labor costs and waste collection costs.

We handle the entire process — from ordering to receipt and storage to handling and recycling of used oil. It's automatic, easy, intuitive and ready when you need it. Restaurant Technologies' no capex, no installation fee program makes flipping the switch to a safer, smarter kitchen and great employee and guest experience easy.

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Total Oil Management

The simple and easy way to order, receive, store, handle and recycle cooking oil. Fresh oil is delivered and used cooking oil is picked up at the same time. We even automate the process so it is easy, intuitive, and ready when you need it.

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Reduce your kitchen’s environmental footprint and decrease costs.

Whether you replace all your equipment with ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances tomorrow or start by actively recycling waste today, any effort you make to reduce your back-of-house environmental impact makes a difference.


Whether you manage a QSR or casual-dining establishment, these are the most common types of injuries that occur in restaurants:

Understanding the impact these injuries could have on your business and knowing how to prevent them can help make your restaurant a safer place for your employees to come to work.

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Back-of-house expert Restaurant Technologies set to deliver increased employee safety and food quality to AWashington Group Partners

“Optimal back-of-house operations are at the core of our commitment to continually improving food quality and the customer experience,” said Heather Taylor, manager of Denny’s Federal Way, WA, one of the AWashington Group locations. “Restaurant Technologies is already a partner in more than 200 Denny’s locations, and the results...”

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