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Automatic Cooking Oil Delivery and Recycling

Dumping hot, dirty fryer oil is a hazardous task. Your employees hate it - guaranteed.

We provide bulk cooking oil delivery and grease collection and recycling right out of our depot on Long Island, New York. Restaurant Technologies’ Total Oil Management and Hood and Flue Cleaning Systems are automated end-to-end solutions that do the work for you. Reduce the hazards and stresses associated with traditional cooking oil management and hood and flue cleaning.

Our Oil Management solutions are incredibly convenient, and we offer additional products that can spare you the time and effort spent cleaning grease build-up from your hood and flue. To get a fresh start in cooking oil management, contact Restaurant Technologies today!

Sustainable Oil Solutions

The #1 Solution for Sustainability Initiatives.

We are dedicated to helping commercial kitchens become more sustainable while saving time, labor and money.

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What is Total Oil Management?

End-to-End Bulk Cooking Oil Delivery, Filtration & Recyling

At Restaurant Technologies, we don’t just pick up and recycle your used cooking oil – we have a closed-loop, automatic system that delivers your fresh cooking oil at the same time that we pick up the used oil, getting it in and out of your fryer safely.

How does our Automatic Oil Management system Work?

  • We install two tanks in your back-of-house: one for fresh cooking oil and one for waste oil.
  • The tanks are connected to your fryers and a port is installed in an exterior wall.
  • We install automatic controls inside your fryers so your team can easily add, filter, and dispose of oil with the push of a button.
  • Our service trucks deliver fresh oil and remove used oil via a lockable outdoor fill box – they conduct these visits without having to enter your business.
  • All of the used oil is recycled.

The entire process is done according to your schedule and cooking oil usage, which can be remotely and automatically monitored.

Stop Struggling With Cooking Oil and Grease

Get end-to-end cooking oil management & clean hood solutions to help you create a safer, more successful business.

Don’t waste another minute on manual restaurant grease management. Get started today and stop worrying about fryer oil so you and your staff can get back to what really matters: delivering the food and dining experience your customers crave.

Hood and Flue Cleaning Solutions

Reduce or Eliminate Commercial Hood Cleaning

We don’t clean hoods. What we do is offer solutions to either reduce or eliminate your need to have your hoods cleaned by a 3rd party. With our Commercial Hood Cleaning solutions, it’s easier to keep your hood clean, reducing the need for an outside service to come in and disrupt your operations.
AutoMist - Automated Commercial Hood and Flue Cleaning - Restaurant Technologies


Eliminate hood cleaners - Automated hood & flue cleaning

AutoMist, our unparalleled hood and flue cleaning system:
  • Delivers detergent and water mix that runs through your hood, flue and fan daily to eliminate grease buildup.
  • Efficiently runs after closing or during regular kitchen cleaning, leaving your kitchen clean and buildup free.
  • Minimizes fire risk.

No need for an external cleaning crew, while gaining a safer working environment? Sounds like a win-win. With no up-front cost, AutoMist is a game-changer for automating this dreaded back-of-house cost and all the mess that comes with it.


High-efficiency grease filtration & reduced hood cleanings

Our patented metal frames and disposable filter pads replace traditional baffle filters. Grease Lock’s heat-resistant fiber and metal frame:
  • Capture up to 98% of grease before it enters your hood, in all life stages, while maintaining proper airflow resistance.
  • Decrease the number of required hood cleanings by up to 75%, which means less downtime for your establishment.
  • Reduce contaminants that enter the exhaust hood, duct work, fans and roofs, helping to reduce the risk of a catastrophic fire.

Our filter life indicator even tells you when to replace the filter pad!
Grease Lock - Commercial Hood Filters Capture More Grease - Restaurant Technologies


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Automated Cooking Oil Management in Long Island, NY

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Restaurant Technologies - Cooking Oil Delivery and Recycling for Commercial Kitchens by Restaurant Technologies Serving Customers Nationwide

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Restaurant Technologies - Cooking Oil Delivery and Recycling for Commercial Kitchens by Restaurant Technologies Serving Customers Nationwide

How Can We Help You Today?
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