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Automated Cooking Oil Management

Discover oil expertise for frictionless kitchens.

Never Struggle With Cooking Oil Again

Total Oil Management automates your entire cooking oil process with:

  • Dependable bulk fresh cooking oil delivery
  • Filtration + oil usage and monitoring
  • Easy oil disposal
  • Used cooking oil pick-up and recycling

Total Oil Management is Always on, So You Don’t Have to Be.

  • Protect your employees from slips, falls, strains, and burns
  • Potentially lower your insurance premiums
  • Improve your food quality consistency
  • Optimize your processes for greater efficiency
  • Effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint with used cooking oil recycling and waste reduction

A hassle-free kitchen upgrade

Interested in cooking oil management that’s always on but don’t have the budget for new equipment? Get the Total Oil Management upgrade with no upfront costs.

A Hassle-free Kitchen Upgrade

Interested in premium bulk cooking oil delivery but don’t have the budget for new equipment? Get the Total Oil Management upgrade with no upfront costs.

Commercial Cooking Oil Delivery and Recycling - Restaurant Technologies


Great Tasting Food, Every Time.

Whether you’re cooking up french fries, onion rings, fried chicken, egg rolls, or mozzarella sticks — for 10 or 10,000 guests every day — our end-to-end cooking oil management system helps you make them perfectly golden, crispy, and delicious every single time.

Take the guesswork out of consistent food quality.

Quick and easy bulk cooking oil delivery and grease pickup.

Total Oil Management automates the entire process.

Filtering fryer oil is important, Total Oil Management makes it easy.

Our cooking oil system eliminates messy rendering tanks.

Eliminate grease the easy way. AutoMist automatically cleans your hood every day.

Your hood filters are just not built to absorb grease. Grease Lock is.

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