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The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Automation

If there was any doubt about the role of automation in the commercial kitchen, the last few years and the global COVID-19 pandemic have cemented the future of technology: It's simple, get on board or be left behind.

New staggering statistics are a direct result of the changing consumer landscape. While delivery used to be only for city dwellers , nowadays, nearly every zip code is service by at least two delivery companies. Currently, 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week, according to data released earlier this year. Additionally, the shutdown of dining rooms, shortages of labor, food, and supplies, caused by the pandemic also required restaurants to adapt quickly and think outside of the box to remain afloat. Ultimately, what has developed is a hub-and-spoke model where the kitchen is at the center, allowing the changing demands to become new spokes as the restaurant ably adjusts to trends, including meal kits, increased delivery, curbside pickup, dining-in, etc.

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