Tips for Nailing your Interview at Restaurant Technologies

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We understand that interviewing can be a nerve-racking process. That’s why we’re providing you with a little cheat sheet. Here are a few tips for nailing your interview at Restaurant Technologies:

Dress to Impress

Our corporate office is business casual and though many of our positions do not require dressing up, feeling and looking your best is essential to exuding confidence and being the magnanimous candidate we know you are. Don’t be afraid to show a little personality in your style. It’s easier to remember you that way!

Arrive Early

We’re not talking about 30 minutes early, here. We’ll probably be too busy to see you. However, arriving 5-10 minutes early shows punctuality, preparedness and enthusiasm.

Show Enthusiasm

We’re always looking for experienced individuals, but enthusiasm can make up for many small gaps in knowledge. Interviewers will always remember how they felt when they were with you. Leave a lasting impression by showing your excitement for the role and company as a whole--as long as it is genuine.

Prepare Questions

Candidates often get swept up in trying to impress interviewers that they often forget to make sure the role is a good fit for them as well. Prepare a few questions for your interview. A few might include: what are the daily responsibilities for this role? What are some non-pay benefits to working here? What would most employees describe as the company’s best quality?

Always Be Honest

We hate that we have to say it, but telling a lie can carry a hefty price. You could be exposed in the interview process, or you could be hired with higher expectations than you’d like. It’s best to be upfront with your previous roles, responsibilities and skillset. Even if you interview for a role that isn’t a great fit, it’s possible that our HR team could keep you in mind for future openings that better fit your experience.

Take your Time

If you’re not sure how you feel about a particular policy, or even an offer made, take your time. Ultimately, we want to bring in team members who are staying for the long haul and can grow with our ever-expanding company. Taking your time to consider your options and your offer is essential to making a long-term decision.


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