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Cooking Oil Removal and Recycling

We easily take care of the hard stuff.

The Easy Way to Dispose Used Cooking Oil

Dealing with used cooking oil disposal is one of the most dreaded jobs in any commercial kitchen. It’s messy, labor intensive, and downright dangerous. With Total Oil Management, cooking oil disposal is clean, easy, and safe.

Always on Cooking Oil Solution

Total Oil Management automates your entire cooking oil process. It’s always on, so you don’t
have to be:

  • Dependable fresh bulk cooking oil delivery
  • Filtration + oil usage monitoring and reporting
  • Easy oil disposal
  • Used cooking oil pick-up and recycling
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Protect Your Employees

According to the Burn Foundation, there are around 12,000 reported burns every year among restaurant employees, the highest number of any employment sector. With the Total Oil Management solution, that risk is reduced, because used cooking oil is contained and disposal is hands-free. Your employees never have to deal with dangerous hot oil again.

Forget About It

Go ahead, forget about it. Total Oil Management automates your entire cooking oil process, so you don’t have to remember to schedule your fresh oil delivery or used cooking oil pick-up. Our cloud-connected systems let us know if your tank is getting full, and we show up automatically. It’s always on, so you don’t have to be.
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The Best Way to Dispose of Cooking Oil

Fatbergs are massive clogs of fat, oil, and grease (FOG) that happen when cooking oil is improperly disposed of down drains. These clogs cause expensive damage to your plumbing. They’re also bad for the environment. We recycle your used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel, which is better for your plumbing and the environment.

A Hassle-Free Kitchen Upgrade

Get the Total Oil Management upgrade with no upfront costs.

How Our Used Cooking Oil Disposal Works

  • We install two tanks — one for your bulk fresh cooking oil delivery and one for used
    cooking oil. Both tanks are connected to your fryers and to a port installed in an exterior wall.
  • Disposed oil is delivered directly to your used cooking oil tank.
  • We remove your used cooking oil via a lockable outdoor box.

When FOG goes down the drain, it builds up and blocks pipes.

We make the entire used cooking oil recycling process seamless.

See the steps for sustainability in restaurants & other establishments.

Learn about ways to make frying sustainable and protect the environment.

Make a positive environmental impact through proper oil management.

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